Recently Completed Projects:

Keila Selver
• Period: 2008
• Work description: Installation of ventilation systems
• Customer:  Eesti Ehitus AS

TUT Economics and Humanities faculty building
• Period:  2008-2009.
• Work description: Installation of ventilation systems
• Customer: Estconde-E AS

Fortum Tartu Luunja caloric power plant
• Period:  2008-2009.
• Work description: Isolation of boilers, canals and piping  
• Customer: Eutelor OÜ

About us

Premium Ehitus OÜ (LLC) was established in the year 2005. Its’ owners are qualified specialists in the field of ventilation and conditioning systems. This is a young and dynamically developing enterprise that offers various ventilation, conditioning and isolation services. Company staff specialises mostly in the execution of sophisticated high-quality ventilation and conditioning projects; we carry out all levels of works from projection to adjustment and maintenance of equipment.

The services are offered in Estonia as well as other European countries. At the moment the company employs above 20 specialists in their own field. Highly qualified workers and engineering/technical staff always perform on a highest possible level.

There is hardly a person whose house air quality wouldn’t make any difference to him; we, on our behalf, speak proudly of the importance and advantages of fresh and clean air and believe that the future air exchange is an even more important part of living and working areas. As specialists in our field, we help you to achieve what you expect from the inner climate of the building.